You’ve probably heard that Twitter has been rolling out a new look for their user profiles. While the new Twitter profiles are bolder looking than the old ones we’ve all gotten used to, we think that there’s a lot of potential for users to get creative with them. Take a look and see what you think. You can find Twitter’s explanation of the new profile and instructions on how to get yours here.

Many high-profile accounts  have already taken advantage of the new layout. We really love how brands like Ford, Royal Dutch Airlines, People Magazine, and Hockey Night have made use of the new profile’s visual elements.

We’re also big fans of digital designer and strategist Michelle Davies, who has a flair for making her social media profiles look particularly stunning:

We love with Michelle Davies has done with her new Twitter profile.

Michelle offers the following tips to consider while designing your new Twitter header:

1. Mind the size. Yes, Twitter recommends 1500 x 500 pixels, but there are a variety of screen sizes and the image scales accordingly. I recommend keeping the top and bottom clear of content (70 pixels each) as well as 100 pixels on each side. Keep in mind that mobile devices will put your fancy avatar smack dab in the middle of your image on mobile devices.

2. Add a call to action! Add a product shot of your latest eCourse, invite followers to subscribe to your email, or share upcoming news about your launch. I don’t recommend it looking like an advertisement, however. It should be a small PART of your header, not take over the entire space.

3. Keep it clean, clutter leads to confusion. 4. Keep it aligned, choose imagery and content that inspire the positive emotions you want tied back to your brand.

Thanks, Michelle! You can learn more about Michelle and her work at

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